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"Deftones" Stamp 2 by iReallyWish Korn Stamp by MajesticLozzA Bender Stamp by foreverwhiteknight people allergy stamp - clean by tirsden Background Music by Skylark-93 Stamp - Edward Scissorhands by Wolfcurse Tim Burton Stamp by iZgo STAMP: Real Men Are Kind by Mottenfest -Squidward x Pickle Stamp- by KnightofCandy Chocolate Milk by Kitsuchi-chan :thumb161189007: Chevelle Stamp by IgnisAlatus Everyone is Squidward by Watermelondria PUT SOME CLOTHES ON SQUIDDY by crazylaura64 Patrick Nomnomnom by Fyi-Sus Creepy Spongebob by Fyi-Sus The Elastic Waistband by crazylaura64 MONEH by crazylaura64 Good Guys Stamp by WolvenFlames When I Die by stamps-of-yore Tourettes Guy- Microwave Aftermath by CUZIN21 Just as good as Dogs. by Monster-Boar Rigby Stamp by EighteenOhSeven Plankton Stamp by laprasking I Love Classic Nicktoons Stamp by RottenKindaCute CARTOON Network Stamp by meteored Proud Without FaceBook Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman RECTANGLES Stamp by FernclawStamps 1st stamp by toxic-demon-666 Leif Erikson Day Stamp by laprasking I love black stamp by violetsteel Stamp: EEnE - Intro by YukiMizuno :thumb202194782: :thumb208789065: Patrick Star - TheUglyBarnicle by TheBlessedNation Godsmack Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps I Love The Rain by Wearwolfaa Classic Spongebob by ManiacalMelody Calvin Coolidge by SirvanaRachana It's fucking true by The-Legend-Of-Burai stamps are for... by ba6ooy Squiggly :P by death-wishes Seether by getanaxe :thumb185882640: I heart Blood stamp by the-emo-detective Stamp - Storms by Endless-Mittens Play a REAL Guitar by ArtistMeli gibson by krassrocks Guitar Player by itwasacommonstory Zim and Bacon Stamp by Zim-Shady About Gir... by FantasyFreak-FanGirl Insane Fandom Stamp by Maran-Zelde dave grohl by InesM Fantasy is my Reality stamp by purgatori Interpol by futuretarded-muser Religion by MaruLovesStamps FRESH POOOOOOOOOOOOTS by pawni Garbage Stamp by deadspaceheart To be alone stamp by Infernal-Feline Markiplier Fan by TheLavenderKitty Red Hot Chili Pepper Stamp by The-Twitching-Peanut LIMBO Stamp by YukiHunter Freak: Stamp by JazzaX Billy and Mandy Fan Stamp by RottenKindaCute All Hail Mandy by quikshadow Alone... by zsofigirl Old TVs Stamp by Czar-the-Dragon A DICKIE stamp by RustyFanatic05 MTV Beavis + Butt-Head Stamp by dA--bogeyman Disconnected Stamp by SparklyDest RETRO S.T.A.M.P by 4EverYoungKid Happier S.T.A.M.P by 4EverYoungKid The West Stamp Ever by GrimRose13 Youtube Poop.. by NateFox MAH BOI Stamp by queen-of-pie Mario's Answer by Mariofan9 Quagmire Stamp by lockjavv MMMMMMMMMMMMMM by MithriLady Do the Mario by gameboyhero WEEGEE Stamp by FreakingArG Dib Supporter Stamp by MissMune True Beauty by emptyidentityentity Lacuna Coil by skinnyveestamp Stamp: Note to Self... by Ace-Eevee-Kat I heart Nergal Jr by quikshadow GAOBAM: B M I Stamp by MammaCarnage zagr Icon 2 by jackfreak1994 EPIC STAMP IS EPIC by MammaCarnage Overall Enthusiasm by GrimRose13 These Hands Stamp by BLUE-F0X I love Zim stamp by MoonprincessofDoom Zim stamp by vivianit11 Squeedly-Spooch Stamp by sonamyforever44232 Tomboyish Stamp by Blackie0275 I Heart Pinhead Patrick Stamp by Kevfin wait patrick by Fyi-Sus Mr. Krabs Stamp by ETrademarkk Spongeblah by Fyi-Sus x black is never bland x by RebiValeska Yamimash Stamp! by NarwhalQ Drugs are bad mkay - Stamp by EikoThePsycho Cartman Stamp by stampcollectr Rigby Fan Stamp by RockyleRick ZAGR icon by sharpshooter01 I guess 'children's show' means nothing. by Techgirl10 Clutch Stamp by KahunaSniper Guess who? stamp by coolspyro17 Nergal Stamp by JackSkellingtonsGal Nick Jr. Face stamp by coolspyro17 Beavis and Butthead by Beavis-and-Butthead Peter Griffin Stamp by FlameSalvo I Hate The Ponies by GreedLin Chowder Dance by GrimRose13 Beavis and Butthead by Levymetal teddy stamp by findyQ EEnE Stamp by adipotter Fangirl issues -stamp- by romanlettersLed Zeppelin by gigidelagaze Creedence Clearwater Revival by gigidelagaze Dave Grohl Stamp by ChloeRockChick14 gaz wet by mysticshrooms MUSE - Music Stamp by N-One Green Day Dookie by ImFeelingStampity stamp :: cat lover by octobre-rouge





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United States
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in case you didnt allready notice, i like zagr---------- a lot
-> :iconozzsabbzim90: :iconapanda54: <- best friends in real life, dey my gurlz.
name: Jenn
my birthday is august 23
age: 17
i draw thingzzz

zagr thingzzz

my life basically consists of music, drawing shit, and sleeping

my art may not be perfect, that I am sure of, but I hope you enjoy it anyway, and please, I don't need criticism, some creative criticism is good once and a while, but if its really not necessary, its ok, don't waste your time typing.

and alsooo, please dont use my art without permissionMKAY(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ
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what stamps say by Leorica Communist Spongebob? by OzzSabbZIM90 Squidward on acid by OzzSabbZIM90 Skwisgaar playing a plunger. by OzzSabbZIM90 Sexy thang by Kiyorin The Spelling Stamp by Busiris Pressed Ham by Songficcer NnyxDevi Stamp by ParamourxLights Nny Stamp by Twizzle-Cayline Contagious by Ishdakitty MiniSponge by LillayFran Gaz Stamp by LoDuris GAZ stamp by Bloodreign96 Stamp Gaz fan by Dphantomgirl Dur? by Inguac ZAGR Stamp by PurplePhoneixStar Tim Burton STAMP02 by TTPersephoneTT Cancelled TV Shows Stamp by dgLari Friendship Doesn't Equal Yaoi by JumpinSoraa Violently Beautiful Stamp by RockstarVanity Zagr Support Stamp by Rosethethief Marceline chibi stamp by Haruhi250900 Cannot Be Given This Day by AssClownFish Licking Doorknobs Stamp by FernclawStamps Holographic Meatloaf Stamp by FernclawStamps Balloon Stamp by FernclawStamps Cat by OlegVRK Migraine Stamp by faery-dustgirl Cat lover stamp by xXAli-StarXx Zagr by InvaderDarklia ZaGr_Fan_Stamp by Dphantomgirl Jack and Sally:. by Animeluver666 Never Too Old Stamp by Worldincoffee Nirvana Fan Stamp by I-Rant-Quite-Often nirvana stamp by maryduran Luxray Stamp by Kibichu POOF :3 by Safferon Waffle Stamp by FelixFan9000 Marie Fan by sidviscous Ride the... Metallica stamp by dfmurcia black sabbath by krassrocks Alice In Chains Stamp by IgnisAlatus Tool Stamp by PockyPerson32 Catscratch Stamp by PrinceToki Mer De Noms Stamp by IgnisAlatus Dave Grohl - Foo Fighters by Thanira-Rates Kankers Sisters stamp by SugaryDonutz You Know You're Right by peppy-heppy Anti-Ponies by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me IZ Stamps: Gaz's Life Lessons by GreywolfZ chevelle stamp by josephhaubert Devi Stamp by varletlegion stamp :: cat lover by octobre-rouge Soundgarden Stamp by IgnisAlatus Foo Fighters Stamp by IgnisAlatus :NEW: ZAGR Stamp For Karielys!! by Dianers626 jthm stamp by Sabattier Dib FFFFF Stamp by Metros2soul cat lover stamp by lpdragonfly Stop Animal Abuse Stamp by pillze69 Head Pigeons - Stamp by Cedarbox Stamp: Zim Fan For Life by reggiewolfpro Jelly :stamp: by ellstar22 TACO Human :stamp: by ellstar22 Zim Shivering by Zim-Avatars Invader Zim - Dance by winter-ame Invader Zim stamp by pantheon9000 :thumb312203766: Ed, Edd, n Eddy GIF by Chengelmann6291 filthy frank gif by UnknownSpartanTommy Be Unique Stamp by GoodiesForYou Goth Stamp 1 by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Gaz Stamp by AikenLugiA ZaDf Stamp by AikenLugiA zagr Icon 1 by jackfreak1994 L7 MS Paint Green by Locke-Kefka Plankton Icon by Kiss-the-Iconist Filthy Frank Stamp by fothermuck Donita Sparks by dirty-destitute The Amazing Jhonen +Stamp+ by Guinnygirl Z? Stamp by Rose-McSugar Marilyn Manson 2 by HappyStamp :thumb73769621: support COMIC SANS by aesoph83594 Devi Stamp by Voodoorabbit HeatWave Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx Spongebob's Groove by Wynau-ru Gaz by rockermia177 Eat Me Drink Me Stamp by beanarts [Markiplier] by MiraiSonic Kakka carrot cake stamp by Tearmonato Death to cat killers - stamp by DarkMetaller Cat Stamp by coyearth :thumb275112608: Virginia and Freezy Pop: Epic Battle by DarkStarAngelo Stereotype Stamp by DevilKue :thumb349868486: Markiplier Stamp by DianaGem squidward  stamp by kritken :thumb276859823: I Love The Night by TheLoveTrain EPIC Squidward Stamp by BroadwayLashy Gaz by Zim-Avatars Courtney Love by cobaingirl Gaz Blinking by InvaderOlive +Gaz+ by FallenAngelRuby MOAR by mrkrabsmoarplz Steve Stamp by XX-INK-FAG-XX Pingas Stamp by Darkeiya Johnny XD by dearestprincess2 Johnny feels suicidal by toetalgirfanatik Scary JtHM Stamp by sallychan THIS IS MAII WHEE FAEC by GemOfSorrow Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221 The girl of Cadiz by SirvanaRachana :thumb141260599: :thumb141159381: West Bank by SirvanaRachana :thumb204696223: gaz thunder icon by FreakyPeep Evil Chars Stamp by strutzNgutz Tourettes Guy by ChaoSpider Tourettes Guy Stamp by RustyFanatic05 DEUUEAUGH Stamp by ARTic-Weather tourretes guy stamp by p5ych0turtl3 Hellbenders by mattgreoningfangirl9 The New Troll Face by BronyboysDA Zim Lick by Zim-Avatars Zim and Gir blink...thing by ZimPLUSDib 40 Lashes Stamp by laprasking Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love by DeathShinozaki Part of a Complete Breakfast by SuperAdventure 90's CARTOONS FAN stamp by RiniWonderland Tourettes guy again by GrimxArt Beavis and Butthead Gif by RandomHero36587 GAOBAM: Grim Stamp by MammaCarnage GAOBAM: Mental Scars Stamp by MammaCarnage CN is For Cartoons Stamp by PsychoDemonFox C: by Risen-Dawn Nickelodeon is Turning into...stamp by Dauntlesse Regular show - fan stamp by sophix3 Rigby stamp by sophix3 :thumb275438509: I Hate People Who... by postmortumm :thumb187967351: Bitchy Stamp Collection Stamp by MaruLovesStamps Chowders Friends by GrimRose13 Chowder PLZ by Chrno-chan Bloo has cookers by MarcheTheChaosAngel Stamp: Squidward by AMX-269 .:Dirty Mind Stamp:. by Viten brother lady stamp by Karmation
*all stamps and stuff belong to their respective ownerrz*


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